12 September 2011

it's ok, you can still be a yoga person

so one of my classes this semester is yoga. i've always kind of laughed at yoga. i mean, is it really exercise? come on. i am way more into running, swimming, biking, etc. real sports.

whenever i would do one of those yoga workout videos i ended up laughing because of the "yoga breath." if you don't know what that is, it's something like this:

ok, ok, it's not really like that. but i felt like it was. 

so i signed up for yoga mainly because i thought it would be good cross training and i really have terrible balance, which apparently yoga helps with. after a week and a half of classes i am SOLD. yoga is awesome. it will not compare with running, but thats because it is a different kind of workout. my favorite part is trying to master a pose. and, you get a really good core workout! its great. another thing i really like about yoga is that it helps me clear my mind. it seems like every time i go to class i have just had a really stressful day (i think i have anxiety) and when i leave i feel less worried about all the things that are going horribly wrong.  

so yoga haters, or skepticists, try it out. take a real yoga class and i think you will love it too.

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  1. It's okay you can still be a yoga person! Just think by the end of the semester we won't even need this comment because we will be a yoga person!