11 September 2011

teradactyls and stuff

don't worry that is so much taller than me
can i just say how awesome my friend Adam is? he is like a brother. thank goodness he is back now that my real brother Adam is in texas! so, why is Adam such a great friend?

besides the obvious reasons, like...
he can make a teradactyl call,
he can sing like shakira,
he makes up awesome cheers for any byu sport,
he is also enamored with Cosmo the Cougar,

there are less obvious reasons, like. . .
he is a really good listener
but he also gives good advice
he is realistic about life
he doesn't sugar coat things, but he is still nice
he will come talk to you if you need a friend, no matter how late it is
he lets you be you and doesn't expect you to be who you used to be

yeah he is a really great friend. thanks adam for talking to me when i really needed it!

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