15 October 2011

saturday night

don't worry, i am being social tonight. in fact i have been pretty social all weekend. go me.
- wedding reception last night
- TA with shaunzi (just like the good ol' days)
- visited my friend Parker today
- yogurtland with abs and kendra

and now i'm off to a dance party with kendra! maybe i will meet new people. who knows?

did you know, though, that i finally updated my "who i am" page? click on "the girl" to the right to find out some fun tid bits about me!

i just have to share this (please adam don't be mad), but my brother is growing a beard. i didn't even know that he shaved. apparently he does. it looks quite hilarious. he sent us a picture and he looks like a mexi. if i get his permission i will probably post a picture. adam, do i have your permission?

ps. i think this is pretty funny :)

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