10 November 2011

i get reminded

so many things in my life right now remind me of other things- mostly from movies and music (because thats just what i relate to).

yoga. whenever i'm in shvansana (if i don't fall asleep) i always think of this clip from kung fu panda. it helps clear my mind of everything else.

the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. this is one of my favorite books. no joke. its creepy and awesome! in fact, i'm in the midst of writing my final paper for Masterpieces of English Literature on it. but whenever i think of jekyll and hyde i automatically think of this.

i just got a new job- at the Skyroom. its awesome. i really like working in a "high end" restaurant.  however, i do have to say its not this glamorous and there are not boys this cute to work with.

music. of course. i love music! but i fell in love with this song yesterday. thank you glee for having an irish boy on your show. i love it!

don't worry. more relevant posts will come soon. i have had quite a busy life lately with school! but until then, please enjoy these videos.

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