07 November 2011

november 1

november is gonna be a good month! do you want to know why? because on the 1st day of november i got to see the prophet and hear his speak in the marriot center!

it was a dreary, wet, cold tuesday morning, but i still trekked up to the Marriott Center two hours early to stand in line so that i could save seats. at 9:30 the doors opened and i rushed in, getting a seat exactly where i wanted it- on the side i knew Pres. Monson would enter and exit, just above the portal so that we could wave to him as he came and went. score.

i studied until Jake came and then we waited for Kendra and Adam. it was so amazing standing and watching the Prophet enter! i have heard him speak at the Marriot 3 times in my college life and each time i am overwhelmed by the spirit and the testimony that he is God's mouthpiece on the earth today. his talk was amazing and i was able to learn so much from what he said! I am so grateful for a prophet!
cute jake, real cute

that's better :)

here's a few more reasons november is going to be awesome:
- Kendra and I are doing a 21 day no junk food challenge. this doesn't sound awesome and truly sometimes it isn't. but i definitely feel so much healthier!
- i got a new job (in the Skyroom in campus) and the Bean Museum wants me back for Winter! woot!
- thanksgiving is in 2 weeks.
- there is only 5 weeks left of school! say wha??

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