04 November 2011

all hallows eve

i'm really trying to get caught up with my posting so please excuse me if i do a few posts in one day. halloween was the biggest success. i was going to be a minion (from Despicable Me) but apparently people aren't giving away their overalls anymore. (i guess they are wearing them which fills me with much concern...) then kendra had the best idea that we should be (duh duh duh) goldfish!
how did we make them? (for under $20)
2XL orange t shirts (from Gen X)
black leggings
coffee filters
orange shoelaces (to be made into headbands)
ping pong balls (for eyes)
orange spray paint

the final product was awesome. lookee here:

we won "funniest" costume at my ward party. everyone loved it, even if they were confused about what exactly we were supposed to be (angry birds? traffic cones? nemo?). i also participated in the pie eating contest, which i almost one- i was two bites away from victory. next time, i will be the supreme winning pie eater. i even had pie in my hair. why yes, i do take my food seriously.

after three halloween parties, kendra, kevin, erin, cameron and i headed to the dollar theater to see Cowbows and Aliens. not exactly the best movie title ever. i was skeptical but since it has Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in it, i was easily persuaded into seeing it.

real Halloween was equally awesome. Kendra and i traveled up to PG to celebrate with my family. my family looooved our costumes! we had delicious soup for dinner. then we ate doughnuts off a string. kendra and i were the best.

we went trick or treating to all the rooms in the house next. i love me some halloween candy :) kendra and i gave out 'Ghost Poop' (mini white marshmallows). ha ha i am so creative- thank you pinterest.
mine weren't this cute but you get the idea

finally, we watched Miracle. made me want to watch lots and lots of hockey. all in all, Halloween was awesome. i loved every party and i loved my costume! next year, be ready for an even more epic and creative costume.

ps. did you know that the average person spends $45 on halloween candy every year?! what is the world coming to?

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