03 November 2011

day 3

remember the 21 day no junk food challenge i am doing? welllll it's day three. that means i'm 1/7 of the way through.

day 1 was pretty much the hardest thing i have done in a long time. i just wanted a little bit of sugar, one bite of a hamburger. it took all my self control not to cheat. i am proud to say that i have been junk food free for 2 and 1/2 days. i haven't even looked at my tempting bag of halloween candy! i'm almost positive i can last 18 more days. the real test will be this weekend when i'm in logan with all my friends.

but for now i am going to relish in my 3-day victory (and admit that i do feel healthier). k i'm gonna go eat my lunch- granola bar and celery. then i'll go to exercise phys lab. (hey mom, look at me being so healthy. yay!)

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