02 November 2011

weekend in logan

remember how my charger broke? well now i have a new one so i can finally post about all the lovely things i have been doing lately!! get ready.....

two weekends ago, Chan, Rachel, Tall-Nate and I took a quickie trip up to Logan to visit Josh and Steve, since it was their fall break. it was a fabulous relief for me after a horrible week. (let's not go into that.) we had dinner at the delicious texas roadhouse. (my first time there and i discovered that everything IS bigger in texas- even the portion sizes!) but it was delicious.

after dinner we discovered we were locked out of chan's car! so Nate, Rach and I ran over to the "mall" to see if we could find a cop to help. the mall cop was no help, and the one atm in the mall was broken. gottas love cache valley. finally a locksmith came, but not until after we (steve mostly) had tried unsuccessfully to break into the car. i really just thought the whole situation was hilarious (but don't tell chan because she didn't think it was so funny)!
we were late to the hockey game but we didn't miss much. the Utah State team is amazing and they killed the other team. it was weird to be in the Aggie atmosphere- much different from BYU. but Nate was lovin' it. He was right at home!
Chan, Me and Joshy

the gang!!!
after the gang we changed into PJs and went to steve's for margaritas (virgin) and watched Red Eye. that movie is freaking intense but i love it! we were pretty much all falling asleep- it was 2! chan, rach and i went to the house we were staying at and promptly fell asleep.
in the morning we woke up early and went to steves (stopping at walmart for eggs and OJ) for breakfast. pancakes! you know me and my fabulous pancake making skills. i made mickey mouse pancakes. ya'll can be jealous now.
happy pancake
even though the trip was less than 24 hours, it was SO fun! I remembered why I love these guys! I can't wait to play with these people this weekend again!

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