02 November 2011

new huuur?

dear world,

i am bored with my life and need a little change. so i'm thinking of changing my hair. i don't want to cut it short though. i have a goal to not cut it until my brother gets home from his mish or until i get married- whichever comes last. so i can cut bangs- straight across or a side swoop. i can do a bold highlight, or highlights all over. or. . . something else. people, i need your input!!!! what should i do???


p.s. thank you kaitlyn for these beautiful sister pictures! here is just a preview :)


  1. I wouldn't do anything too crazy. I regret dying my hair because I have to keep up with it or grow it out. I wish I had my natural color again. So, I would do a fun cut and some subtle highlights/low lights. Your hair is beautiful just the way it is!

  2. yeah don't dye it like brown or anything. Blondes ruleee. haha What I did for some change, though, is put some darker streaks in my hair for a bit of flair. It's not super drastic but it's noticeable. Also layers are so much fun.

  3. Your hair was so cute short but I'm with you on long hair! It's what I prefer for me too. As someone who is growing her hair out from being highlighted I will tell you that you will want to stick with it if it's what you choose. Going any longer than 3 months without a touch-up felt ugly (probably didn't LOOK that bad, but just cuz I knew I needed one haha). Also blonde hair has a hard time holding color, so if you're going darker you may need to do it a couple times to get it to stay, either at first or if you try to go back to blonder later. Bangs are always fun to shake things up! I also got shorter layers in the back last month and I am really loving them. It takes some of the weight off when you straighten and curl, so that's always fun. But I've done the darker and the shorter thing and honestly, sometimes when you are in a funk you just need to get out and it just takes something like this to do it!! Once I decided to go back to my 'natural' color (blonde my whole life until I started highlighting? weird..), there was no turning back; I got so excited and couldn't change my mind. Oh one other thing to consider--doing a dark rinse. It's temporary color that gradually fades for a month or so as you wash your hair, it could be a good test to see if you really like dark. I was going to do that but I dyed it instead. So there's my long-winded experience on the whole matter. Haha for what it's worth ;)