31 October 2011

becoming a teenager

my baby brother had his 13th birthday yesterday! ok, it's starting to get reeeal weird. i mean, i remember when my parents told me (on my baptism day) that they were having another baby. Ben is a  pretty sweet guy. he is already taller than me and is a fantastic runner!

sometimes its fun to think we are still little kids.
but we're not. my mom freaked out a little that she has no children who aren't teenagers. she now has 3 teenagers. and 4 who are OLD- that's me, spencer, sarah, and adam.

anyways... ben is super cool. i am excited for him to be growing up and entering such a fun phase of life! this has to be short because i gotta go write a presentation on robert browning, but i just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!! love you brother!

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