27 October 2011

money & worry

i hate money. and being worried about it (or the lack thereof). as you may know, i work at the malt shoppe. last semester i had the best job. i worked at the Bean Life Science Museum gift shop. i worked 19 hours a week and i loved it! sadly, i went to Africa and had to sacrifice this job. i was also hoping to get grant money again, but obama hates me (ok i know he doesn't but whatever) and i didn't get any grant money. so, with about $900 to my name i came to school. yes, i have a job, for which i am grateful. but i work at most two days a week. every time i work i come away either about to cry, or wanting to kill someone, or both. therefore, i need a new job. for my own sanity. i am tired of hating my job. and i am tired of having absolutely no money. i'm tired of worrying about every time i buy something. i'm tired of all my friends being able to do all these fun things, and i can't even afford to buy new clothes. i try not to be jealous of these people, but it's really hard. my mom gets mad at me saying that beauty doesn't come from new clothes, and happiness doesn't come from new things.  i know it doesn't.
i also hate money for the reason that i hate worrying about my parents. they are in such a bad financial situation right now that they can't even come out to provo to pick me up for family functions. they have always been able to do that. so now i either have to find a ride with someone, or not go. its horrible. i'm sick of college students saying how independent and frugal they are when they really aren't. its so dumb how people think they are living the "poor college life" when they are doing just fine (or better than fine) because of parent's money or pell grants. GAH it is so dumb. i know though, if i was in a better financial situation or if my parents could help me, then i wouldn't be so upset about it. so please excuse my rant. k thanks.


  1. I seriously sympathize. I've been in that position, and I guess we kind of still are, although is has improved. Secretly I need to quit my job at the end of the semester in order to cram in classes and just get school done, and I could put in a good word for you. We do test administrations (career, clinical), teach study skills workshops, office things, all that jazz. You are expected to work 20 hours a week and you can get a raise after a while and whatnot. It's kind of the bomb. So if you think you would enjoy/be good at that, let me know! My boss might prefer a referral over going through 80 resumes.

  2. lurel where do you work? I could possibly do something like that!

  3. The Career and Academic Success Center in 2590 of the Wilk. Go talk to someone working sometime and see if it's interesting!