21 November 2011

weekend rewind

this weekend was awesome! definitely one of the best i have had in a long while. after studying my behind off all week, this weekend was a blessed break. as i was super stressed about my paper(s) i went down to my normal spot in the library- first floor, the "cave." no cell phone service. usually not very many people. i sat down at a cubby and found this nice little note from a fellow student.
 thank you, that made my day soooo much better!

friday and saturday seemed like one big long day. but a really awesome! my english lit class was cancelled so i was done at noon! i took kendra to the skyroom for a birthday lunch. i'm pretty sure i was more excited about this than she was because we took the day off (of our 21 day challenge) and so that meant i could have the desserts there! lunch was good. but we ate way too much! when you don't eat junk food, you start eating much less. i felt pretty full and sick after we were done. it was crazy. it was like we were training for thanksgiving.
after consuming massive amounts of food
side note: KENDRA'S BIRTHDAY WAS ON FRIDAY!!! she is 22! woot! i'm waiting for her assessment to see if it is better than 21. i just need to make a little shout out about this girl. she is awesome. i didn't think that we would become this good of friends, because we weren't really freshman year. but i am so grateful for her friendship! she is always willing to hang out with me and she gives me great advice about relationships. she is always up to do something fun and random- like 21 junk food challenges, getting pizza, or going to see Cowboys and Aliens at midnight (even though she thought it was dumb). She gives me rides places which i hugely appreciate. she is super creative and comes up with great ideas (ie. the goldfish costume). she likes to cook just as much as me, and guess what? we are going to make homemade ravioli! possible date idea- we will probably invite boys too. i am really so grateful for kendra and i hope she had a wonderful birthday!!!

after lunch, i went home and died for a couple hours. i just had to let everything digest. later, Kendra and i ran errands-- mostly to the mall to get her a birthday outfit. i must say that she got a stinkin cute outfit! i also found some gems of clothing. while at american eagle one of the workers said, "i love your outfit! it's so j. crew!" best. compliment. ever. my shirt was from DI, pants from old navy, boots from target girls section. ha! win! then we ran (literally) to costco and maceys to get stuff for fondue and a cake.
i got home and made the cake in 5 minutes. then i went over to Heather's baby announcing party. pretty sure i was the only single girl there. psh. oh well. heather knows how to throw a party! she made tons of food and had a cute cake to reveal the gender. i guessed boy (i had guessed that like two months ago) and well, i was right! go me!!!
after Heather's party i ran home, frosted the cake, and went over the Kendra's. it was snowing!! first snow of the year!  kendra's party was fun. we had a lot of food and about 27 people came.
kendra's cake

there are definitely more than 22 candles on that
after everyone left, we watched Patch Adams with Kendra's cousin and his friend. the movie was a pretty serious one, but such a good movie! i quite enjoyed it :) then after they left, Kendra and i stayed up until like 4 just talking! i know. we are insane. i slept over and didn't wake up until 9 (which is late for me).

saturday: after sleeping in uncharacteristically late (i didn't actually get out of bed until 10), i got ready quick and then went up to campus for some hard core studying. at one i went to earthfruits yogurt with Hannah and Emily. i didn't take any pictures but it was delightful as usual. these two girls saved my life last fall semester when there was so much drama in my dating life. i also had a free yogurt thanks to my "tribe" membership. sweetness! when i finally got home from studying (around 4), Kendra texted me wanting to have a tea party. what a fabulous idea! the tea party turned into tea+pizza. we had a half off coupon to blackjack pizza so we ventured down there and got the Mediterranean chicken pizza. it was really quite good- feta cheese, peppers, olives, chicken, and no marinara sauce, all on a thin crust. yum. we ate the whole thing (don't judge).
after dinner we bundled up for the game- our last football game as byu students! :( i really wanted to be there for kickoff because they were honoring the seniors and i happen to (sort of) know one of them- Fangupo. he was my brothers mission companion- he thinks my brother is the bees knees which is pretty accurate. however we missed it, even though we ran like half the way there! when you are wearing 5 layers of clothes, running makes you super hot! i had 8th row seats which provided an awesome view!

now get ready for some really good lookin' pictures of me and kenj.
everyone looks really white next to jose
we be lookin' good!
kissing the cougar!
the game went super late and we sure killed new mexico state! i got a little teary eyed as we sang the fight song at the end of the game. i better come back next fall with spencer and hyrum! i can't say good bye to byu football quite yet!

ps. has anyone else noticed that on pinterest there are a few pins that say "healthy is the new skinny" while prominently displaying a stick thin girl???? i find this odd and ironic...

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  1. If you think pinterest is bad, you should see tumblr :\ There's a lot of jacked up "fitness" messages on there-- let alone the pro-ana stuff.