23 November 2011


this year i kept a Thankful Journal, starting in mid-October, to write down things i am thankful for- big and small. i've amassed quite a list! since i won't be posting tomorrow, here is the list that i have come up with of things i am grateful for.

hot water to shower in and wash my hands in
beautiful fall leaves up the canyon
Kendra and her friendship
the Holy Ghost and its guidance in my life
a fun FHE group
friends who go to devotional with me
random acts of kindness
beautiful (warm) fall weather
a job
that mom will deposit my checks for me
costco- and their cheap prices
FHE brothers- Kevin and Cameron
the Temple
Halloween parties
Saturday mornings
a plethora of fresh veggies and fruits
new iPod
inspired church leaders
that Adam is willing to talk to me, even if he doesn't have a voice
warm fall weather
the opportunity to see and hear the prophet speak in devotional
new job- no more malt shoppe!
getting to go to bed early
new power cord for my laptop
God throwing me a bone and letting so many good opportunities appear for me
friends who are willing to give me rides places
people who make me laugh
BYU football
nice coworkers
healthy, yummy food
the Ensign
the testimony of Prophets and Apostles
my testimony
answers to prayers
a working laptop
my health
good food i eat so much of
BYU Basketball
BYU football
Sam Vellinga
grapefruit, hummus, cheese
free tshirts
the snow
Dad got his private work back
to be part of the 1% of the world
my freshman year roommates
that i've been able to do the 21 day no junk food challenge
a warm apartment
consistent electricity
temple & the blessings received because of it
Christmas music
the internet
a vacuum
my brothers
the scriptures
that i get to go to college

obviously there are so many more things i could add to this list. i know some things on here are pretty random but i really am grateful for every single one of these! 

what are you thankful for this year????

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  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for writing this blog post! What I good idea. I'm going to copy you :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!