28 November 2011

a thankful weekend

thanksgiving weekend- in photos (since i don't have time to write about it).
at midnight on tuesday- celebrating the end of the No Junk Food challenge!

Turkey Bowl 2011- Ben, Hyrum, Me

tough football players

mini apple cherry pies (thank you Pinterest)

me, Amberly and Merrie at Yogurt Bliss- tradition

my 78 year old grandpa crossing the 5k finish line. 36 minutes!

us and Grandpa after the Turkey Trot

driving home

Sarah, look we made all these pies! aren't you proud?

me and my brothers

decorating gingerbread houses

driving up to Salt Lake to see Savior of the World

still driving. don't worry about Hyrum...
other exciting/fun/sleep-depriving things i did:
- watched Star Wars, Miracle on 34th Street, and Lion King
- played Kinnect with Josh, Steve and Nate
- got a hair cut
- started reading "Shepherds Why This Jubilee?" by Elder Holland
- wrote almost all of my huge research paper
- went on an awesome date to Music and the Spoken Word
- made my family's Christmas card
- slept on the couch 4 nights (that didn't deprive me of sleep- it was fun)
- decorated our house for christmas
- made some homemade decorations of my own

despite our family being very small compared to years past, this Thanksgiving Break was awesome! It was the perfect mix of fun and work. I am so thankful for my family! But I am also thankful to be back at school. . .  so I can finish up these last 3 weeks and get to a real break! Here's to no school!

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