01 December 2011

let the memories begin

can we talk for two seconds about how much i love disneyland?? like LOVE. if it was a man, i would marry it. its been a few years (almost 4 to be exact) since i have been there. i think the time has come for me to return to this land. hopefully in january!!!!! [please, please bless that i will have money to go!!!!!]

you see, i discovered this magical website.  go check it out. i dare you. i promise you will love it (unless you are a heartless individual who obviously had no childhood.)

i love disneyland so much that i have a board for it on pinterest. its also known as the happiest board on earth.
why do i love disneyland so much? because you can be a kid there. dreams are not just dreams. you don't have to worry about all the worrisome things in the world. you can see your heroes in real life.  you can fly to never never land. or you can fly to the moon! you can go on an adventure with the Pirates. or you can explore the haunted mansion. you can enter the twilight zone. or soar over orange groves.


  1. Oh I share this same love, if it were a man, we would have to be sister wives! :) Go in October, you will love the Halloween decor and the character costumes!! Christmas season is great too! Oh shoot, anytime is great!

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  3. Preach it girl! Can I be a sister wife too? October and December are fun, but I prefer April! Can I come?

  4. this is going to be perfect. Cassi you can have October and December (I never have a love life at Christmas anyways). Heather you can have April (and I'll be generous and through in March too). I'll take the rest of the year :)