05 December 2011

to my favorite sister

i know it's a little ironic that you are my favorite- and yet, my only, sister- but you are still my fav! i know that we have not always gotten along and that we are different in many ways, but i just want to tell you i love you and that we are more alike that we probably realize.

today is your 24th birthday. that means we are both getting old. (i'm still 2 years younger though and i know it.) i love that you are always ready to have a fun time and you are cool with being a little "childlike" sometimes.

i love that you take the time to get to know our little brothers on a personal level, and that you share your testimony with them and help them develop their own testimonies.

i love that you are not afraid to keep your standards high and do what you know is right even when people make fun of you for it. i love that you are always a missionary, even when you weren't a full-time missionary like you are now. i love that you are willing to give 18 months of your life to preach the gospel to the people in Ohio. i love that you are close to the spirit and you help me when i am feeling confused about my life.

i love that we can stay up late talking or playing a card game and we just have fun the whole time. i love that you love disney princesses. i love that you are honest with me. i love how you get excited about things. i love that you always do the Pie Making party for Thanksgiving. i love that you arrange the presents under the tree so they will look nice (even though we all know that you sneak your presents on the bottom so that you can open them last). i love that you were always willing to play Barbies, Little House on the Prairie, American Dolls, pioneers, Playmobiles, etc. etc. with me. I love that when i didn't have any friends to go to the dance with, you let me be in your group. i love that you always brought me back cool things from the places you went (i don't know what's cool in Cleveland, but I want something ha ha).

 i love that you try to make me a better person, even though sometimes i am super stubborn, i hope some of it has rubbed off. i love you sister! I hope you had a great birthday and that you have a safe flight to Ohio tomorrow!

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  1. I love this post Beka! You and Sarah are so amazing and beautiful! HOpe you know that! I love you both! P.S. I absolutely love your blog:)