30 December 2011

angels 2011

before i do a post about all the great and amazing things i did this year, i want to dedicate this post to the people in my life that i see as angels this year. i started 2011 off as a very emotionally hurt girl, unlikely to trust many people. throughout the year i had to learn to trust again, and i had to conquer some demons that i had tried to shut away my whole life. there are just a few people who showed up in my life-- literally out of the blue in some cases-- and helped me get to where i am today. (don't get offended or puffed up in pride because of your "ranking" it's not really important.)

honorable mention
- Daniel Ostler: this kid became my friend almost accidentally, but not totally. he became one of the few guys i would talk to last winter because i knew he wouldn't judge me and would always give good advice. he helped me laugh at myself and see the good in the world always. whenever i hang out with him i have a great time. plus we both share a love of real good things- funny movies and tv shows, byu sports, costa vida, and froyo (jk daniel really likes ice cream better).

3rd place
- Kendra Clark: when i got home from Africa i felt mega lost. all my freshman roommates were married, planning double dates without me, and living their own lives. the best day ever was when kendra messaged me asking if i wanted to sit by her at the football game. after that we became friends! (i mean we already were, but not really.) we had a yoga class together and only lived like two blocks apart! we pretty much have done everything together this semester. i am truly grateful for her friendship because i probably would have become a major recluse.

2nd place
- Sarah B, Aubrey O, Abby R, and Whitney R: going to Uganda was a scary and yet wonderful thing. while there i saw things and dealt with things that most people my age probably don't deal with. i also faced inner struggles. there were times i wanted to go home. but these four girls carried me when i felt i could go no further. there was the time i was sitting on the cold bathroom floor sobbing (because it was the only place i could go and be alone), and whitney came in, handed me her phone, and told me to call my family- on her minutes.  there was the time when i just really needed to talk to someone and so abby, aubrey and rachel listened, and understood. there were the countless sweet notes of love and encouragement that aubrey would put on my bed. there were the drives when sarah would let me listen to her ipod. or the times she gave me advice- and was completely honest about it. there was the time i thought about going home and abby came and just held me until it was better. there were the drives to and from jinja where aubs and i would talk about everything under the sun. there were our trips to chat n chino for "team crepes." there were the times abby and i would work out and get horribly sweaty, but it felt good. there was the time sarah and i were on a boda that tipped over and i could not stop laughing despite aching bones and mud all down my dress. there were the times in the surgical ward where aubs and i held hands as we watched surgery done and yes, even people dying. there were the embarrassing photos (a myriad) of abby and i. there was so much. they still make my life better today! love you girls!

1st place
- Sam Vellinga: one night last year (2010) i was cleaning my room, getting ready to go home after a horribly long and rough semester, when Sam showed up at the door. i didn't really know Sam that well. she was in my RS presidency and i though she was very friendly and very pretty. but she knew i had just been through a really hard break-up and that i loved froyo. so she brought me some lovin from earthfruits! and from her heart. i didn't want to talk- didn't want to socialize. but she stayed and we talked. we didn't really talk about my break-up. we talked about Taylor Swift, and frozen yogurt, and working out. in january we weren't in the same RS anymore, but Sam became my angel. i would like to say that we were there for each other, but i'm not sure if that is true. Sam and I went shopping together, worked out together (best. workout buddy. ever.), got froyo on the hard days, studied together, and took roadtrips to kaysville on the weekends. sam is the best kind of angel because she has never asked for anything in return. she is always looking for ways she can help me and make my day brighter. she can always make me laugh and is always on my side. in the spring we would go on scooter rides (she had 2 old razors... the best) around provo. we made up names for the atrocious valentine's day activity. i was mercedes and she was porsche. (don't worry, our bishopbric helped us with the names.) now that she lives in NYC we skype regularly and she continues to help me with my various problems and also is convincing me to move the the Big Apple. i'm convinced! this girl is awesome. she sent me a I [heart] NY t shirt for christmas- which i have been wanting since i was like 12. she is so great. sam, come home to utah sometime soon because i want to hang out with you- and watch JTMD, Cloudy with a Chance, eat yogurt from Yogo Togo, and talk about everything under the sun. Love you girl!

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