31 December 2011

2011 rewind

 make new friends and renew friendships with old friends
2 new roommates
send a roommate on a mission
amberly and i at my stake's luau

i turn 21
peter pan dance
first time eating at tucanos
road trips with sam
bradford, sam, and i randomly matched
amy gets engaged
i meet jimmer
rex lee run
disco skating
whit, JIMMER, aubs and i
general conference
salt lake city half marathon with grandpa
farewell party for me
michelle's junior recital
sarah's 1st year master's recital
after finishing the race
it's still snowing
first international flight
one day in London!
arrive in uganda where i will be the entire summer
start a leadership program for youth
teach health, nutrition, and first aid at a local hospital
mbale branch is organized
hike Sipi Falls
in front of Big Ben
in the van on our way to Mbale
sipi falls- the most beautiful place on earth
eat white ants
raft the nile- class 5 rapids!
start volunteering at Mbale Regional Hospital
many trips to jinja
say good bye to first wavers and hello to second wavers
build tippy taps
teach handwashing
eating white ants
rafting the nile
hospital volunteering
tippy taps at St. Mary's Babies Home
4th of july in Uganda
more trips to jinja
teaching english classes
dance parties and video making
football camp
relaxing at the pool
consuming mass amounts of beesqueets
say goodbye to second wavers and hello to third wavers
happy 4th of july

hamburgers and chips for the 4th
at the source of the nile
football camp
eating at kapkwata every day
teaching empowerment classes at local high schools
finally getting to go to bunabyoka
sleeping in an african hut
boda boda accident
getting caught in many rainstorms
saying good bye to abby
saying good bye to mercy and quinta
baptisms of david and esther
blood drive
my half birthday
water filtering projects
saying good bye to uganda :(
rice, beans and chipatti from kapkwata
our real hut!
at Talented Jungles
almost to bunabyoka!
sarah and i after the boda accident

david and esther's baptism!

blood drive
me, jude, abby and bernard

caught in the rain again

water filter project in Namatala
saying good bye to CURE hospital
good bye brother and sister rix!
favorite picture of africa

back to byu
culture shock
reunion with freshman boys
football games
get a job at the malt shoppe (worst job ever)
uganda reunions
hyrum and i at a football game
general conference
more mbale reunions- at cafe rio of course
football games cont.
beautiful fall leaves
trip to logan
gold fish for halloween
kendra and i at halloween
hearing pres. monson speak in the marriot center
sarah goes into the MTC
my first turkey bowl
seeing savior of the world
21 day no junk food challenge
one more trip to logan
i get a job at the skyroom restaurant
kendra finally got to meet cosmo!
mzungu christmas bash
ugly sweater party
temple square at christmas
festival of trees
christmas break!
get a job at the bean museum
talk to 2 missionaries on christmas
new christmas pjs
2011 was a good year. it was a hard year. it was the best year so far in my life. i grew a lot. i learned: that i am beautiful. titles aren't everything. not to judge people at first glance. not to settle for anything less than the best. to look for the best in people. how to be a better friend. how to feel christ's love for me and for others. how to putting learning before school. and so much more! 
i'm excited and nervous for 2012. i hope it bring more happiness, love and adventure!