03 January 2012

christmas break part 2

post christmas break is always a little bit dull. i mean the presents are all unwrapped, most people aren't throwing parties, and really the only thing to look forward to is school. however i attempted to rise above it and complete my to-do list! [mind you, i was very anti social during the last week of the break.]
harry potter reading: i finished book five on Sunday night and brought book six back to Provo with me. i am addicted folks. i ate, read, and breathed harry potter! i even had dreams about him. awesomespice right? sometimes i wish i could apparate somewhere else. i'm going to finish books 6 and 7 slowly throughout the semester.
basketball games: i only made it to 1.5 games this year because i was busy all day monday when they were playing, and they didn't win the tournament. it was fun to watch my brother's play! hyrum is by far the most aggressive. i swear he was trying to play every position at once!  there were some other wardy stars including Ben and his amazing 3 pointers (we are thinking of calling him Jimmer), Bryson May's and Michael Gallagher's tall teamwork (aka The Two Towers), not to mention the enthusiasm and occasional hot headedness of Keller Atwood. I love my home ward.
see contagion: i wasn't going to see it, but then at the last minute i got invited to go see it with some friends from my old ward. can i just say i loved it? maybe it's because i am a little obsessed with science and medicine. . . it was a little disturbing, but i wasn't scared, just surprised a little. it is a movie that makes you think, so if you don't like thinking then don't watch it.
jcw's: i went with hoyt, nate and brad (and sadly i have no photos of the event). hoyt, being such a gentleman, paid for my bacon ranch burger (thanks for the suggestion Shea!) and "small" raspberry cheesecake shake (thank you Chloe for recommending this). first off, the food was delicious. the hamburger was juicy and flavorful. and shake (besides being HUGE) had real chunks of cheesecake (ten points to Gryffindor) and the perfect amount of raspberry flavoring. of course, the company was good. we mostly talked about the missions and christmas. i interjected with stories of africa every so often. and ended by giving hair advice to hoyt, also discussing how i don't find facial hair attractive. i'm surprised that jcw's has remained hidden from me for so long, but given its price range i probably won't be going back anytime soon.
BYU bowl game: epic. intense. a little scary. courageous. cheering. loved every second. wish i could have actually been in dallas.oh well. we celebrated in the g too!
new years eve: every year i want an absolutely epic way of celebrating new year's eve. this year was no exception. so i started it off by making homemade, real Italian pizza with my family. i was a little emotional (because 1. daniel had left to russia three days earlier and we hadn't had time to get together before then and 2. none of my friends had replied to my texts about our plans tonight so i was pretty sure i would end up bumming it at home in my cute outfit) so when the crust rolling didn't go well i about had a fit. deep breathing ensued and i continued to topping said pizzas, with cheese chunks (mozzarella and muenster), olive oil, tomatoes, pepperoni, and onions. my mood got better. because topping pizzas with your family and smelling them cooking can brighten anyone's mood. we pulled them out and began to eat. they were still doughy. in a complete rage (i like to think i was mostly fuming because my friend's were such flakes, rather than sad that i was so pathetic and socially challenged) i ran down to my room leaving my family to deal with recooking the pizza. (we later discovered that the "flour" my brother had brought up for me to use was actually pancake mix- hence the nasty pizza. i might be able to salvage my attempts at cooking.) after crying in my room for a little bit i ventured out to wash my face, change into a comfy T (since there was no point in wearing make up and cute clothes if i was just going to watch movies and go to bed early), and watch Tangled with the fam. you can't watch Tangled and not laugh! because it's hilarious! and one of my most favorite movies. my friends finally contacted me and we made plans. i re-did myself, making sure i looked freaking cute, and went out with Chan. first we went to the Priest's party where i got to see Spencer for the first time since he got home from the mish and Katie, whom i haven't seen since last NYE! the Priest's are a hilarious family and i'm definitely going back to visit like Sis. Priest asked. then we went over to the singles dance to meet up with steve. when we got there we found he was with brandon and nate. (oh hello ex, who-i-was-in-love-with-for-like-3-years-who-i-faithfully-wrote-on-the-mish-and-sent-amazing-packages-who-took-my-heart-and-basically-stomped-on-it-destroying-my-faith-and-trust-in-boys-for-about-8-months, i don't really want to hug you but since we have all the same friends and went to the same high school it's unavoidable that we see each other at times, i will give you a hug). nate left soon and since chan knows pretty much everyone it was me, brandon and steve hanging out. ok FUN. brandon was so crazy i swear he was trying to make up for missing out on parties the last two years! i also saw some other RM's from high school (some of whom were pretty good lookin' if i say so myself) and some girl friends from high school too. i was going to take pictures but the dancing was too great. at midnight i was in a mosh pit vying to grab a balloon to pop. they say how you spend NYE is a foreshadowing of your year. soooo the first part of my year is going to be a bit lonely, but the second half will be a party with boys? i'm down. (ps. it's really too bad i didn't get any pics cuz i was smokin... jus sayin.)

so there's the break part 2. how was your break?


  1. sorry I was a flake. I actually got sick so it was a way good thing the party was not hosted.

  2. you weren't a flake! it was other people who flaked out. i'm sorry you were sick :(