03 January 2012

a new year

oh heyyyy 2012 i didn't think you would ever actually come. you see, 2011 was such a fabulous year that i spent my time living in the moment instead of looking forward to the next year (which is what i usually do). i'm not gonna lie, i didn't ring the new year in with as much joy and excitement as usual. it was a little forced. i'm not super thrilled about 2012. so i've been trying to think of exciting and fun things that are happening this year (because you really can't top africa with anything except another trip abroad or marriage- both of which are highly unlikely).

in 2012. . .
my brother gets home from his mission- EEEEEE!
i graduate from BYU (say wha?).
i'll be in the US for the summer which means camping, swimming, running, late nights, hiking, water sports, etc.
my best friend is having a baby and my mom just might let me go to canada to see her before or after the babe is birthed.
2012 Summer Olympics in London (let's go! i'm at least going to spend hours watching these events)

i have no expectations so therefore i can't get disappointed!


ps. i started my second 21 Day No Junk Food Challenge today! I will be done in January 24th! If you have forgotten what this challenge entails click here. Anyone want to do it with me?

1 comment:

  1. I want to do it with you! I'm totally down :) (the hardest for me will be not eating chips, but I can deal with it for 21 days...) Way to go!