22 December 2011

christmas break part 1

remember this list that i made for the break? don't worry i'm hard at work trying to accomplish those things. here's what i've accomplished so far. . .
MOTAB christmas concert - pictures to follow the break [they are on Kendra's camera]
saw this car on the freeway. love it.

SLC Temple Square date- Josh was an awesome date. we went to costa and then to Temple square. it was so fun! we still wonder why they had a japanese nativity in which sumo wrestlers visited baby Jesus. who knew?
joshy and me at the temple

finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [almost done with HP2]- loved it! i read it in like one day! unbeknownst to me mumsy has the entire HP series under her bed [is she ashamed of them? we don't know], so i didn't have to go to the library.
love this.

Christmas Caroling- last night we braved the bitter cold [ok we drove. mumsy said she would die if we had to walk] and shared Christmas cheer with a couple of our neighbors. we may have been a little (or a lot) out of tune, but it was still fun!
Go to the Temple- my brothers go to the temple every Thursday morning, so this morning at 4:45 i rolled out of bed [literally] to go with them. I do love the temple, but [in my opinion] there were too many noisy high schoolers there and the reverent spirit was gone. but its ok. the temple workers were adorb as usual. i'm gonna be one when i grow up :)
Write missionary friends- I wrote Bre [because I can e-mail her which makes it easy]. I now have two more to write to [in addition to the normal list], but they are just in the MTC so it will be dearelder for them!
Work!- i have been working a lot. at least 4 hours every day this week. it's actually been very nice to have something to do and to be earning money over the break. the only downside is driving to provo every day. i probably should have just stayed at my apartment this week since i work so much.  i love being back at the Bean. there are awesome people who work here and we have an awesome Christmas display right now! come and visit if you'd like.

Other highlights of the break thus far include
Mzungu Christmas Bash- a party with my Africa peeps. pretty much the funnest ever. you don't really need to plan anything when these people get together because we are the definition of fun! we had food, white elephant gifts [i gave a "Uganda Survival Kit" and received a stamp], and reminisced about uganda. it was so great to see everyone who i haven't seen in a while!
jenner, me and abby. don't worry about how white jenner and me are

best. white. elephant. ever.

the crew! notice how whit looks like a model?

Ward Christmas Party- the good ol' GC 1 threw their annual awesome Christmas breakfast last saturday. i make a point every year to be home for this event because 1. Santa comes riding on a big fire truck [i'm pretty sure most the kids in my ward grew up thinking santa drove a fire truck not a sleigh]; 2. they serve Shirley's orange rolls which are to die for; and 3. i get to see my amazing ward family!  this year was especially great because i got to see two friends who got home from their missions recently and we chatted it up.
snowman pancake. yum.

Costa Vida- i know people say cafe rio is better, but i have a deep loyalty for costa. deal with it. i went to lunch with Daniel at Costa today because he owed me it for my birthday [secretly i'm pretty sure he has already gotten me my birthday costa, but i never say no to an offer for free costa].  i got a sweet pork salad and daniel got a chicken burrito. he is hilarious. he also gave me a key chain from mexico [i guess he went there this summer] as a sort of christmas gift. i am in love with it!
already put my keys on it. love.

Merry Madagascar/Home Alone 3- Tuesday night i went down to Provo to daniel's apartment where they were watching Home Alone 3. it' surprising, i know, but i've never seen it! it was pretty funny not gonna lie. i love it when the bad guys are really just stupid. it makes me feel good about the world. like i could out smart a bad guy. after Home Alone 3 daniel and i watched Merry Madagascar. now, if you know me at all, you know that i lurv Madagascar. so a christmas movie starring King Julian only made my christmas even better. favorite quote from the movie was King Julian:" He can't take me off the naughty list! I am the naughty list!" daniel was pretty good company too, i guess ;)
Plato's Closet- have you been to this store? if you haven't then i suggest you get your behind over there stat. i got a pair of grey skinny cargo pants, a plaid Hollister button down, a floral print tank, and some silvery shoes for less than $30! muchos gracias. [i also got some knee high socks at F21. apparently i'm short or something because they are more like thigh high on me. whatevs.]
Cleaning out our fridge- the only time my family's refrigerator gets cleaned out is when i'm at home, so it wouldn't be a break without mumsy asking me to do it. here is what i observed from the latest cleaning: 1. pretty sure the reason i'm the one asked to clean it is because mumsy knows that no one else in our family can stomach the sights or smells coming from some of those containers. even i was struggling at some points. 2. my family eats a lot of chili, puts the leftovers in containers, and then never eats in again. the result?loads of moldy chili. 3. my family also has a habit of putting leftovers in containers that are much too large for the volume of leftovers being stored. therefore taking up more space than needed. 4. when a bottle of ranch, ketchup, etc. is almost empty someone opens a new bottle, but then the old bottle fails to be finished off and lies forgotten in our fridge. i can't cure any of these problems of the Arnesen fridge, but hey, i can clean it out when i'm at home!
Babysitting- i babysat my cousin Shawn's little girl last saturday for a couple hours. her name is Kalia and she is adorbs! it was pretty much the easiest babysitting job ever since Kalia slept for about 2 hours and i read Harry Potter. i told Shawn not to pay me [i mean i like babies and so its good for me to satisfy my baby hunger by babysitting] but he did anyways.
what a doll

that's my break so far! tonight is the annual "Story Night" starring the reading voice of my one and only mumsy. we will probably all be asleep by 9. but it'll be great. i just love sleeping on the floor. ha. not. can't wait to see what the next few days have in store! 3 days people! i'll update again after Christmas props. unless i do a very special Christmas post. . .  which is likely.

very important side note: daniel is going to Russia next week (the 28th) for an internship which will last until April. before he went to california this summer i got him a road trip survival kit featuring some of his favorite candies. i want to make him a Russia survival kit before he leaves. any suggestions???

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