20 December 2011


in all the hustle and bustle of christmas [and really, life in general] it's easy to forget to be thankful. i just keep thinking about all the things i need. we make christmas lists. tell santa what we want. and then forget what we already have! the First Presidency message this month is on gratitude. i read it the first day i got the Ensign and re-read it today at work. at the end there is a challenge to write down 100 things you are grateful for- divided into 10 sections of 10. i'm gonna do it, so here goes! [if you are feeling grateful, or ungrateful, take a moment and do at least one of these sections. it'll brighten you day!

10 physical abilities you are grateful for:
- breathing
- singing
- running
- that i can do a headstand in yoga
- that i'm waaaay above the 90th percentile for leg press
- that i'm not allergic to any foods
- that i can fast once a month
- posable thumbs and fingers so i can write, play music, etc.
- the ability to stand and walk!
- the sense of smell

10 material possessions you are grateful for:
- my ipod
- my laptop
- painting from Africa
- space heater in my room
- shabby apple dress
- yummy smelling perfume
- blender
- my cell phone
- scriptures
- chacos

10 living people you are grateful for:
- my mom
- my dad
- grandparents
- Adam (brother)
- Adam Mikklesen
- Kendra Clark
- Spencer (brother)
- Heather Stephenson
- Abby Robertson
- Jake Loveland

10 deceased people you are grateful for:
- Mother Teresa
- Joseph Smith
- Christ (does he count? i guess He is living)
- Gordon B. Hinckley
-  Winston Churchill
- George Washington
- Abraham Lincoln
- Joan of Arc
- Has Christian Monson
- Chad Pinkston

10 things about nature you are grateful for:
- colors of fall leaves
- the smell of spring in the air
- Sipi falls
- the Nile
- the Savannah
- rainy days (never thought i'd say that!)
- freshly fallen snow
- hot summer days
- lake powell
- mount timp

10 things about today (12/20) you are grateful for:
- breakfast of cheerios and strawberries
- nice people at work
- 5 days to Christmas!
- David archuleta singing in the background at work
- going on a date tonight to Temple Square
- letters from Sarah and Spencer
- having a great job
- having Santa call me twice, leaving two messages
- watching Merry Madagascar with Daniel
- sweet deals on cute clothes at Plato's Closet

10 places on earth you are grateful for:
- my home
- all the temples
- Temple Square at Christmas (and every other time)
- Nauvoo
- Sipi Falls
- Disneyland
- Lake Powell
- London
- Grandparents house
- BYU football stadium

10 modern inventions you are grateful for:
- a water heater
- soap
- internet
- AC and heater in cars
- electricity that stays on all day
- democratic governments
- stoves and ovens
- dishwasher
- hand sanitizer
- peanut butter

10 foods you are grateful for:
- wheat tortillas
- ice cream
- dark chocolate
- gatorade
- hummus
- strawberries
- pomegranates
- cucumbers
- cottage cheese
- frozen yogurt

10 things about the Gospel you are grateful for:
- knowing that families are forever
- the happiness it brings me
- the scriptures
- knowing i can pray and be answered
- missionary work
- that service is such a big part of the Gospel
- knowing that Christ knows exactly what i am going through
- knowing that the trial of faith comes before the blessing
- knowing that there is life after death
- having a living Prophet

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