09 December 2011

why yes, i am a harry potter nerd

quick break from studying. . .

to illustrate how much i love and think about harry potter

yesterday at work i was in the dish room (it's my favorite cuz i get to party with maddie!) sorting silverware. as i sorted i thought about the sorting hat.

and what if silverware was sorted into the houses of hogwarts? here is what i decided.

knives- obviously slytherin. they are sharp and pointy and used to cut things. slytherin is know for its past of hurting people and being a bit sharp. however knives can be used for good (ie Snape)

forks- ravenclaw. i had a hard time with this, but ultimately decided that forks are kind of claw like so it works.

soup spoon- hufflepuff. you don't really use soup spoons that often, so therefore they are a fun shape and nice to look at but not all that useful (most of the time).

spoon- duh duh duh gryffindor! i know a spoon seems super lame to be gryffindor, but think about all the delicious foods that can be eaten with a spoon- ice cream, pudding, cereal, soup, rice. really, anything that the other three pieces of silverware can do, a spoon can do.

what do you think? how do you like my sorting? would you do something different? what would you sort?

happy studying!!!


  1. first of all. completely agree with the spoon. I eat EVERYTHING with a spoon. literally, everything.

    also. I really like that you did a harry potter post, because I wrote one too...it's just scheduled to be posted later tonight.

    remember how we always think the same thing? Yep. it's totally fine.

  2. KAIT!!!! i am going to miss you!!! and i can't come to your talk on sunday... well probably not. there is a tiny chance i can. please please please post your address so i can write you!