10 December 2011

pixie presents

every christmas my family draws names- but not for presents- for pixies. a "pixie" is a sweet kind character who serves the member of the family whose name they draw, from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve. when you go away to college it gets a little harder and you usually just get (and give) little treats periodically until Christmas. this year my pixie gave me a bunched of wrapped presents. i put them under my little tomato cage christmas tree and i've been opening them every so often! they are great presents too. but yesterday i got the best of them all- i'm pretty sure.

Finnish gingerbread cookies!!!
nom nom nom. but i am not eating them yet. they are so delicious that they deserve a very special occasion (like finishing finals or getting kissed under the mistletoe) for them to be opened and consumed. but am i excited? YES.

on another note. i hate textbook sell back. the bookstore isn't buying back like any of my books! there is only one more book i am going to try and i sure hope they buy it cuz that's how i'm paying for christmas presents!!! eek.

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