14 December 2011

how-to-survive-finals 101

1. eat all your fresh food and veggies and drink your milk. this will get rid of them before you leave for christmas break/summer break and they are high in vitamins and minerals to help you concentrate.
2. start studying early so you can get a decent amount of sleep during finals week
3. watch gilmore girls (or something else low stress) on study breaks
4. get at least one kind of significant human contact per day. . .  aka don't spend every second of every day locked up in the basement of the library!
5. read your scriptures daily  preferably as you start the day. let's be real you should be doing this already, but when you are stressed out with finals it's a good idea to start your day off right bu reading the word of God.
6. if it's the christmas season, find ways to focus on the joy of the season- like a countdown calendar, decorating your apartment, making treats for neighbors, christmas shopping, etc. etc.
7. always have a pack of gum on you. because if you are studying all day long and only brought some baby carrots and an apple to fill you up until 8 pm, you are going to be hungry.
8. make sure to have a couple really awesome playlists on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify
9. don't go on a facebook fast. if you actually succeed in going without facebook for finals week, you will just be miserable the entire week wondering what everyone else is up to. it might be the only interaction you get with people all week!
10. eat candy/cookies for dinner. i've done this for the last three days and it's. . . . great! [friday- reese's peices and gummy worms. saturday- a bowl of cold cereal and robin's eggs. sunday- a piece of almond cake, 3 chocolate chip cookies, and robin's eggs. no joke.] *honest truth: this is horribly unhealthy, but probably fairly realistic.
11. don't let yourself sleep in. just because you don't have class doesn't mean you should sleep the day away! i like studying from the early(ish) morn until late at night. i try not to let myself sleep past 7:30 [which is late for me] so that i get up and get to the library before it gets too crowded.
12. break up with your boyfriend. i mean who wants to be distracted with love and happiness when you are preparing to take finals in Satan's abode on campus? i mean really, love/dating/marriage is not that important right? [complete and utter sarcasm. obvi.]

good luck on finals everyone!

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