16 December 2011

boom roasted

i honestly could not think of an appropriate title for this post. i am done with finals-as of yesterday morning! it's a wonderful feeling (despite the fact that I have no idea whatsoever how i did, especially on exercise phys...) i have lots of big plans for the break too! i hope i can do all of them.

  • Read all 7 Harry Potter books (don't judge but I've never read all of them. since i'm such a fanatic about HP i thought it was about time)
  • MOTAB Christmas Concert- went last night with my family and Kendra! it was AMAZING!
  • SLC Temple Square Date
  • Homemade decorations for my apartment. And deep clean it.
  • Christmas Caroling
  • Spend quality time with each of my brothers
  • JCW's for a raspberry cheesecake shake (i've never been!)
  • See "Contagion"
  • Go to the temple at least once
  • Make maxi dress
  • Make a skirt???
  • Go to little brother's basketball games
  • Write my missionary friends
  • Old Spaghetti Factory with Sam
  • Work!

I am going home today and I am so excited! I have a Mzungu christmas party tonight, ward christmas party tomorrow morning, and a wedding reception tomorrow night!

what are your plans for Christmas break???


  1. Okay wait.... read all 7 HP books in two weeks?? That's one every two days! The first three you could do even one a day, but you won't have much time for anything else. You crazy! But I am so glad you want to read them all. I love them so much. And you. Merry Christmas bestie!

  2. Beka! I love JCW's--if you don't have anyone to go with when you go, give me a ring-a-ling! Love ya cous! This looks like an awesome list of holiday stuff to do!