28 January 2012

1000 reps?!

if you are on Pinterest then you have most likely seen the 1000 reps workout.

the first time i saw it i was like, oh yeah, that's cool, but freaking hard. and then, i decided to do it. [these days a lot of my inspiration for working out comes from watching Biggest Loser. i mean you can't really watch that, while snacking on leftover christmas candy, and not feel guilty.]

wednesday night after an unsuccessful attempt at studying functional anatomy, i decided  my anatomy would be better put to use by pumping my muscles a little. i wanted a challenge, not just some weakling crunches and arm curls. enter- the 1000 rep workout.

peeps, it was tough. i even got a little sick at one point and had to take a breather. i had the music blasting and my water bottle full of sweet water, so i was ok. i felt super accomplished after finishing all 1000 reps- i did not even cheat. [but i could have done better. goal.] about a half hour after i finished i could not keep my eyes open. working out hard does that to ya. but, get this, i am still sore, two days later! oh hello DOMS. walking down stairs today and laughing, was a little painful, but can i tell you a secret? i love it. i think the sensation of sore muscles is exhilarating! it means i worked hard and i'm becoming stronger. [i'm a freak. don't worry about it.]

so, what's the verdict on the 1000 reps workout? i'm doing it again!!! possibly tonight or tomorrow morning. [plus repeating the workout is the only way to decrease DOMS.] and i'm going to do it harder. put more of myself into it. i can't wait.

also, you can do it too! let me know if you do it and what you think!


  1. i totally want to try this!! also my favorite thing about this post is DOMS.(thanks for the wiki link, i didn't know there was a term for it) Both times i read it, the voice in my head reading dropped to a really low manly voice to read DOMS.

  2. Totes tried this yesterday and I'm feeling it today!

  3. Wow. Did this on Monday, and I am SO SORE.