28 January 2012

what i learned

this week, i learned. . .

that mirrors are a good substitute for white boards. and it's much more fun to studying physics/anatomy when you have a mirror-whiteboard to write on.

i freaking cannot wait until i get sealed to my future husband! i cannot even imagine the joy i will feel that day! hooray for eternal families.

if a relationship seems too good to be true, then it probably is. [this is not meant to be bitter. it's just true. real relationships take work and complete trust. i'm not saying a relationship can't be wonderful, romantic, better-than-your-dreams, but just because something seems absolutely wonderful doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful and listen to your heart.]

just because you get paid, does not mean you are rich. after budgeting everything, you feel more poor than ever. [ps. am i the only one who gets confused when they try to budget?]

the best kind of friends to help me get over a failed attempt at dating, are the friends who a) help me plan "revenge" and instantly hate the boy who was a jerk, b) tell me how awesome i am and that i should not give up on dating, or c) call me at a very late hour to remind me to keep my head up (via Andy Grammer).

to not drink tons of water when you work a 7 hour shift where you can't leave your desk. [i just learned this like 10 minutes ago.... it is a pressing reminder...]

just because the bowl of chips looks like it is full of whole chips [and not chip crumbles] does not mean it really is. the top three chips are really just hiding the crumbles underneath. appearances are deceiving.

it is possible that my FHE family this semester will be just as baller as my family last semester. did NOT think that was possible.

couples make me gag. oh waaaait, i didn't learn that, it was already an established part of my life. sidenote: on sunday when my bishopric was announcing the Valentine's dance, i literally wanted to throw up. but i had to conduct the sacrament music, so i refrained.

make plans ahead of time for the weekend. because if you don't then you will sit at home alone feeling super pathetic.

i am more like Rory Gilmore than i ever thought i was. do you think i am her doppelganger (except with blonde hair?)

i like food. i already knew this, but then i looked through the pictures on my phone and about 65% of them are of food.


  1. For sure agree with most of this, especially the getting sealed part. :) also, remind me to tell you about the time I almost peed my pants in class because I drank too much water. Plus, when are you coming up to Logan again? I miss you!

  2. I always use mirrors as whiteboards when I'm studying. Write, erase, write, erase, repeat. Love it. Anyway, I'm a new follower, and I really like how honest and willing to share your testimony you are.