29 January 2012


went home for dinner tonight. after dinner and meetings, we all gathered back in the kitchen/living area. dad and two brothers were playing games, another brother was making cupcakes, mom and i were going over my budget. of course we got side tracked and ended up on pinterest. i started showing my mom all the funny things i have found on that wonderful site. pretty soon the entire family was gathered behind my chair. laughing at things that only my family would laugh at.
i looked around for a second and saw all of them, just laughing, having a good time. i felt something. it was happiness. love. if i had a camera i would have taken a picture. but i know it would not be enough. there was too much in that one little moment to be captured even by the best of photographers. how wonderful it is to love and to be loved. and to sealed together for eternity.
Thanksgiving 2011

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