30 January 2012


once upon a time i entered a giveaway. i don't usually enter giveaway's because A. there are usually a bajillion things you have to do to enter it (like the product on facebook, comment, like the etsy shop, mention it on your blog, tweet about it, etc etc.); B. i am usually one of hundreds to enter a giveaway- therefore my chances of winning are slim; and C. i don't personally know the person who is hosting the giveaway/ i am too lazy to take the time to enter. but i did enter Miss Amberly Hurst's giveaway.


and i won!
sporting one of the headbands
i like winning things (mostly because it makes me feel good) and this "win" came on a day when i was feeling super down and depressed. it brightened me right up.

the other two headbands i won

i really like these headbands. they aren't "en vogue" per se, but they are very handy when you are having a lazy day or a bad hair day. they have this cool felt side that creates enough friction between your hair and the headband so that the headband stays firmly in place all day. i also like that they are bright colors and patterns. i'm super happy i won! thanks Amberly!

should i do a giveaway?


  1. I think i'm pretty unlucky, because i've never won anything before! congrats!

  2. that headband is dang cute on you. :) we need to be headband buddies on thurs!

  3. Yes do a giveaway!! And rig is so i win! :)