31 January 2012

Fab Ab February

We all have our "trouble areas." Mine is my stomach. [Please don't go and tell me "girl you are so skinny how can you even have a trouble area!" I don't constantly complain about how my chocolate cake will go straight to my hips or how i have relief society arms that jiggle when i conduct the music. I simply recognize where I tend to gain weight, and then try to do something about it.]
Unlucky for me, the stomach is one of the hardest places to work out. Why? The abdominal muscles are big, but unlike your quads, they aren't used in every day activities like walking. They also have a fairly small range of motion and so people often end up doing the same work out for them (the "crunch" or sit up) day after day. Not that those exercises are bad- they aren't. But you need more than 20 crunches a day, especially if you are like me and are over 20 and don't have the metabolism of a five year old anymore.

side note: this morning at breakfast i was remembering back to the good old days of freshman year (4 years ago- eek!) and how i could eat two bowls of pretty sugary cereal for breakfast and not gain any weight! those were the days. i splurged and ate sugary cereal for breakfast today (i normally don't eat any form of cold cereal let alone sugary kinds), and i feel nasty. like i gained 5 pounds. i know i didn't. but it sure feels like that. oh for the by gone days of eating ice cream 3 times a week and going for wendy's runs without worrying about the consequences. it makes me think of this scene from freaky friday.  (just the part with the french fries)

and speaking of freaky friday, don't you sometimes just want to switch lives with someone? the other day i really wanted to switch lives with a certain person so they could see what life is like from my side of the economical food chain.

anywhooooo, I found this Fab Ab February calendar on Pinterest.

I'd been thinking about making February my "focus-on-the-stomach" month but had no idea of what to do to make my abs fab by March. I found this and inspiration flowed. So, I will be doing these ab workouts every day in addition to my normal workout. when i'm feeling particularly crazy [hopefully once or twice a week] i will throw in some p90x- Ab Ribber X.

since we all know that a flat stomach is 30% the gym and 703 the kitchen, i'm going to focus on eating foods that are fat burning and lower stomach fat.

Are you ready for Fab Ab February? If you want to join in the fun, click here to get the calendar and comment below so I can hear about how you like it!

[just fyi: i will not be taking pictures of my stomach weekly to document weight loss. nor will i be measuring my stomach to see how many inches i lose. this is purely to make myself feel healthier and happier. besides no one wants to see my bleach white stomach anyways.]

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  1. just booked myself a cruise, definitely starting this tomorrow!