31 January 2012

sometimes. . .

Sam, over at young people in love, started doing these Sometimes posts and i love them! probably mostly because her brain is as random as mine and i like expelling my random thoughts onto paper.

i get weirdly excited about the fact that there are cinnamon rolls in the break room.

i feel overwhelmed with gratitude when i get a glimpse of the magnitude of many blessings that i take for granted.

i can't stop thinking about going to London, for more than 12 hours this time.

i just want to eat oreos and milk all day every day.

i'm kinda a bad person and think a roast beef sandwich sounds really good every time I am working on the cadavers. can i help it if human muscle looks exactly like roast beef?

i wish i could dye my hair as red as Emma Stone.

i just don't understand the allure of The Bachelor. i really do try to watch this show and i usually get through 2 episodes (my record is 7 i think). i just don't want to watch some (not that cute) hunk macking on 20 different girls (who let's be real aren't all that nice).

i strongly consider spending a lot of money on paying someone to do all my unwanted homework for me (there is some homework i like and some i don't). is that cheating?

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  1. i'm pretty sure cinnamon rolls could make anyone excited! i wish their were cinnamon rolls in our break room...now i want some!