06 January 2012


did you know that on the by clubs website you can fill out a short survey on your interests and they will give you a selection of on- campus clubs that they think fit your interests. in an effort to be more involved [and because i was dying of boredom a la the Bean] i took said survey. here are the results [aka the clubs i should join, because they fit my interests]:
- BYU Pre-Vet club [apparently i want to be a veterinarian. uh no thanks]
- Black Student Union [how did they know i'm black?! in all serious i might join so i can be around black people again.]
- Genetics and Biotechnology Club [i wish i were smart enough to be in this club]
- Rotaract [a Rotary Club. i usually associate this with old men.]
- Finnish Club [creepy/cool. how did they know that spencer is on his mission there? i might actually join this]
- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu [like karate, but in Portuguese?]
- BYU Environmental Science Club [i do like the environment, but not this much. sorry earth.]
- BYU Circle K [another service club. would be nice but i need a club that is free.]
- Audio Engineering Society [audio makes me think of the stage hands at high school. weird. then engineers. also weird.]
- Mexican Student Association [i am in fact one of the top ten whitest people who attended my high school in 07-08, i am not even close to being mexican. but if they serve mexican food i am so there!]

want to get more involved at byu? feeling like your interests lack stimulation? head over here and get a free interest evaluation like i did! you might just find the perfect fit for you :)

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