06 January 2012

NYR: an abundant life

i'm not going to post my new years resolutions because (1) they are pretty random and (2) they are fairly personal. but you better believe that they are good. 

sneak peak: get excited for my 22nd birthday because i will be posting resolutions, of a sort. 

however, i did come across this great article on lds.org which just so happens to be the First Presidency Message for this month. i highly suggest you read it. in it, Pres. Monson outlines the ABC's of how to live abundantly in 2012. as i read i thought about my life and realized that living abundantly is exactly what i want to do this year! 

A: Attitude. i love this quote: "The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives" (William James).  having an optimistic and happy attitude is a constant goal i have. one of my NYR is to greet every day with optimism, to see the good in the world, and to smile more. they say attitude determines altitude and heaven knows we could all use a little lift! my grandpa sent me a quote that said, "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." so, 2012, you may seem a little dreary and (frankly) boring, but i am deciding now to face you with enthusiasm! let's see what great things i can accomplish!

B: Believe- in yourself,  in others, in principles. "[She] does not believe who does not live according to [her] belief." there is nothing stopping me but me. this year, I resolve to not let myself, others, or circumstances prevent me from doing what i know i can do. i also want to be better at seeing the best in others and not talking bad about others. finally, i will stay strong in my belief of the Atonement, Christ's love, and eternal families (along with other dear principles). i know keeping my faith strong will also keep me strong.

C: Courage. All the lion wanted, in The Wizard of Oz, was courage. he discovered, as Pres. Monson said, that courage doesn't come from being willing to die manfully, but from the "determination to live decently." i always start off the new year with big plans and great expectations (usually), and then as the year goes on my plans get beaten down and sometimes, i do too. but courage is more than the initial effort, it is being willing to give it a second try even when facing challenges. in 2012, i am not going to give up. i am going to keep trying to make dreams and plans come true, even though huge challenges face me!

what are you going to do with the ABC's of an abundant life?

oh and here is a random picture of me i took this morning. i think it's quite hilarious i have a plaid shirt. i'm so excited for the weekend. i'll probably be studying saturday morning- already. i know. gross. what are your weekend plans?  now, if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go study functional anatomy.

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