13 January 2012

friday the 13th

you know that awkward moment where your nose tickles, your eyes water up, and you think you are about to sneeze?

pretty much every waking moment of this friday.

[ps. the only cures for this is instantly drinking water, making insanely crazy faces so that you don't sneeze, or forcing yourself to sneeze- only appropriate at home.]

i also hate blowing my nose in front of people. making it very awkward when you are at work and trying to find the exact right angle to face so that no one knows you are blowing. and then blowing so softly that the effort is almost completely wasted.

but. . .  i'm not complaining. nope. nope. nope. although it's friday that 13th and i'm sniffing away my day, it could be a lot more unlucky.

i think God is reminding me that he has a sense of humor and that i'm not gonna get what i want when i want it. there are just a few things he has thrown into my life lately that, although i may outwardly complain [because i don't want them at the moment] i'm secretly laughing because it's so ironic! but i'm learning. i'm trying to accept what God has given me because i know it's partly so that i don't make the same mistakes i have made in the past.

for example, i got asked out five times [yeah you heard that right- 5 times] this week. most girls are jealous and think i must be the hawt new item on the block. me? i'm a little exasperated, but by the fifth invitation i just laugh and text amberly, "guess who just got asked out?" they say god works in mysterious ways. chya. it's not that i don't like men or going on dates. i just want to find "the one" and get settled. no more of these cliche dating games. [but i'll save that rant for another post. . .]

on the bright side,
- it's a long weekend. yay for three day weekends, hopefully filled with functional anatomy, chicken noodle soup, sleeping and gilmore girls.
- i got flowers from a boy yesterday for the first time ever. this is epic. i decided i need to buy a vase in case that happens again. for now, they are prominently displayed on my kitchen table, drinking water from a plastic pitcher. i'm classy.
picture taken on my phone

- thank goodness for lotion infused tissues. my nose is red and raw from all the blowing and wiping, but i know i could be worse off. whoever thought of putting lotion in kleenex was brilliant.
- mumsy came and took me shopping today to get my exciting list of essentials: tp, kleenex, floss, garbage bags, oj, and chicken noodle soup.
- i successfully completed my first physics 106 hw with a 19/20. hw 2 is completed and will be submitted tuesday night. please bless that i continue to understand this! i like numbers when i know what to do with them.
- sometimes blind dates aren't all that bad, even if your general attitude toward dating is negative. they might change your mind a little bit.
- i'm applying for an internship with Make A Wish Foundation (aka my dream job)!!! I apply in March. The internship is paid and is in warm Pheonix, Arizona. pray that i get it ok?


i think i will just end on that happy note. stayin' positive :) *sniff*


  1. 5 times?? Girl send that luck my way. When it comes to dating for me, it is either all or nothing. Like 2 dates every weekend for 3 months straight and then nothing for 3 months straight. Why not one date every couple weeks? ... oh life.

  2. I just found your blog through Pastor Girl's Ponderings...It is so cute! I love it! I hope you come peek at mine:www.sweetteaandpumps.blogspot.com