11 January 2012

hump day

I’m sick.

It’s one week into the semester and I’m already feeling a nasty cold coming on.
I think I got it from my roommate. [She was snoring the other night.] Or it could be the stress from memorizing the entire skeleton and trying to figure out electric fields and Coulomb’s law.

Either way, I’m [getting] sick.

I rolled out of bed at 7:03, after being unceremoniously awakened at 4:40 am by my roommate ferociously ringing the doorbell. [question: why were you up at 4:40 in the am? And why would you ever want to wake me up like that?] my ears are clogged, head aching, nose running, and throat sore.

Breakfast consisted of frozen strawberries and oj. I don’t really get hungry when I am sick.  I even did one physics homework problem before my 9 o’clock class. [this is a feat on a regular day. I hate studying before 9 am.]

My first class was thankfully interesting [mostly because we were on the indoor track so I could watch the women’s track team practice while simultaneously laughing at the volunteer from our class run.]

I was looking forward to work, hoping it would be slow. I could relax a little, eat my apple and celery, and maybe even work on a physics problem or two.  Not happening. We are stinkin’ busy. So I sit here, nibbling at my tasteless, dry apple slices [you know the kind where you can barely tell it’s a fruit?] and wonder if I can allow myself a small nap between work and my 5 o’clock class. Probs not.

But they say attitude heals the cold. Or something like that. Good things about today [hump day I might add]: only having two classes. I have a three hour break between work and class. Father is bringing me out drugs this evening. Today is the “eve” of a very exciting day [Thursday obvi. . .] I even have a countdown chain made. I finally got Gilmore Girls season 3 (thanks Hil!).

Ps. I know people read this blog [maybe] but comments are allowed and encouraged. If you think my blog is boring, how can I make it more exciting?


  1. Season 3 is totally the best. Especially "A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving." just watching that episode has cured all sorts of ailments for me...here's hoping it does the same for you! Get well soon!

  2. That's pretty funny, I was just thinking I hadn't read your blog in awhile and I was confused because it hasn't been showing up in my Google Reader..apparently I didn't catch the switch from your last one that doesn't exist anymore! And now here you are asking for comments! (P.S. If I read, I usually do! But I don't get many comments either so it's weird..) Just wondering if the urge to change your hair has passed...haha ;)

  3. I distinctly remember one morning when I was like 8 and my mom woke me up in the morning and I didn't wanna get up, but she said "it's the hump day of the week! Did you know that? When it's Wednesday it's the middle of the week... so remember that and you can get through the rest" - ever since then I always think about that. So glad you think about it too! Sorry you're sick, I just was too :( feel better! can't wait to watch gilmore girls!!