24 January 2012


i don't really have a gag reflex.
i can watch surgeries and people having babies and not feel the least bit squeamish.
i watch all the medical/crime scene investigation shows i can and i don't think dead bodies are gross.
i love working on cadavers.
i'm a phlebotomist.

but i do have a gag reflex. for one thing.


[ironic i know since i pretty much am a blond Pocahontas.... aka i have long hair]

our shower has not been draining for like a week, and i had to constantly be cleaning up [other people's] hair from the drain. gross. i cannot stand that. this morning i had had enough and decided that the shower needed fixing. the scum from no draining was everywhere and i didn't even feel like i was getting clean. reference point: i felt cleaner after showering the cold, sketchy ugandan shower than in this shower! [ps i know this hair was not mine because it was not blonde! plus i only wash my hair twice a week so the chances of it being down the actual drain- when i always clean it from the drain trap- are slim to zero.]

after calling my dad, i went to work.
the first batch of nasty hair

batch #2

this is my gagging face- minus the nasty gagging noises i was making
  i had to take breaks to stop myself from completely losing my quesadillas. gag-breaks included drinking water, texting my dad for moral support, breathing deeply, and taking pictures of my endeavor.

the tools of my "trade"- don't worry i definitely sterilized those tweezers! 

oh look what i found in the cupboard. this worked after i got out all the hair i could reach.

then i scrubbed down the bath tub with shower cleaner and baking soda so that it was sparkling white

i still hate hair, but now i know that i can clean a shower drain.

but really.... please bless i have seven sons and maybe one girl. less hair= happy me.


  1. I can't handle hair either- even when it is mine. My poor husband, haha, he's a good sport about cleaning the drains.

  2. Oh man!
    You're gonna be a good mom!
    My mom does that job all zee time!