24 January 2012

an angry post

i was going to write an angry post. about all the wishes i wished in the last 24 hours and how it is nearly impossible that any of them will come true. i even considered saying a few four letter words. shocking. i know. my high school friends would probably keel over and die if they heard me utter those words. so, in order to save innocent lives, i will refrain.
i was going to sit at work and stew. over the problems in my life. i was going to complain about everything i could possibly complain about. and then feel guilty because of the complaining. it's really a vicious cycle. and so not worth it.
so i'm not going to post right now at all. i'm going to think of happy thoughts. i am going to think of things i can do to make myself happy. i will probably make a list or two. i will remember that there is always a rainbow after the rain.
and i will keep my head up.

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