14 January 2012


let's be real.
i love that my two siblings are on missions, but i am terribly excited for when they come home. this video makes me cry a little. i'm probably going to be the one in the airport who jumps up and down and sprints to hug my brother first. [mom, you are gonna have to out run me- start training now.] my missionary siblings are simply amazing. i learn so much from their example and their testimony. i don't really feel worthy to be called their sister! they are truly do the Lord's work and i am proud of their sacrifice and their worthiness to be part of the Lord's Army.

dear spencer,
i cannot wait to have my best friend home! i realized i never did a birthday post for you this year. i was in africa. . .  sorry about that. so this is kind of a tribute to you. i Facebook stalk you pretty much every day. i'm probably the only one who looks through all your pictures and writes on your wall but hey thats ok with me!
did i ever tell you that you are amazing? i love you and i miss you. i don't think i tell our family that enough, but it's the truth.
 remember how we used to play George Washington and Lion King? remember when people thought we were twins? and we would usually just pretend that we were! remember jumping on the trampoline all those summer nights? and how you would sometimes go running with me because you are just that nice? remember how i told you all these people you should be friends with and you didn't believe they were cool and then you became friends with them?? i loved that.
i loved being your style advisor and your relationship counselor. i loved helping you ask girls to dances and hearing [from pretty much everyone who knew you] how amazing and wonderful you were. you should probably know that i brag about you to everyone i meet.
the day you left i went in your room and cried for a little bit. then i stole a hat and a hoodie. don't worry you can have them back ha ha.
can we be best friends again when you get home? i'm gonna make muffins on your first day of college and take pictures of everything! we will go to all the football games and cheer until our voices are gone. i'll make sure you only go out with the really cute, good girls. and you will beat up any guy who is a jerk to me. we can go running together and i will come to all your hockey games. i'll help you figure out the whole "college" thing and you will help me stay sane during my last semester at byu. we will hike Timp and go camping. we will go to dances and dress up all crazy. it's going to be a blast.
are you excited? i sure am. see you in seven months Elder!
love ya,

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  1. this is completely precious. i hope to be a part of this hiking timp, muffin making, football game attending party. :)