16 January 2012

mlk day

if i had a dollar for every time someone called the bean museum asking if we were open today, i would be one rich girl.

i really want to make this sweater. so much that i might be willing to splurge and buy the needed supplies. what do you think?

i read this talk this morning and loved it. i was reminded that i need to be patient in waiting for the Lord's answers and timing. and that i need to be aware of those who "wait" on me.

i realized this morning that i still get scared of dating and letting my heart become open to liking someone. i am going to be fearless and not let hesitancy hold me back!

secretly i just want to cook something gourmet and then watch Gilmore Girls. but, after work i will be devoting my afternoon to functional anatomy. 

isn't my brother just so stinkin' cute? i will be keeping him off limits for at least six months after he has been home.
at some Finnish Castle. i love how excited he is to be by a huge cannon!

can we talk about how much i dislike rude customers/museum patrons? i know the word patronizing contains the words patron, but it is really unnecessary to sigh, treat me like i am 12, or not say thank you when i have been courteously helping you, despite your brusqueness? it's even worse when your coworkers treat you like you are 5. . .

did you hear that John Huntsman Jr. dropped out of the GOP race? i feel pretty good about that. what do you think?

today is this girl's birthday. we have been friends for 4 years [which is quite a feat when you think about it] and i love her so much! she is so faithful and optimistic and such an example to me. chan- let's roadtrip it to logan soon ok?

at my birthday party 2011

i got some cheetah print ear muffs as a white elephant gift. i think it's time to break them out. be excited.

i truly despise the mentality of "entertain me please" that so many museum patrons seem to have. this is a museum people- you are supposed to entertain yourself by looking around at the animals, reading about them on the plaque, and maybe watching one of our videos. 

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