17 January 2012

thoughts on tuesday

being at work makes me think. and since i work every day this week, expect a lot of random thoughts. just go with it. i do have a planned post which i will write tonight hopefully, but for now, please bear with my random work thoughts.

- it's really difficult to eat a delicious pb&j sandwich without smacking and making a mess. but i'm doing it.

- [nerd alert!] never thought i'd say it but physics is therapeutic. i just love circuits and currents and numbers!

- even when my coworkers are incompetent i am kind to them and don't want them to cry. [secretly i thought i might murder one of them, but relax, i didn't]

- i have a major crush on disneyland. everytime i see a picture of someone there i get butterflies and maybe even a little jealous that they are there and i am not. it's starting to be a problem.

- when it's 27 degrees outside, wearing leggings under your pants is not such a bad idea.

- i want to find a really good eyeliner. the stuff i'm using was a buck, but it's just not cutting it for me. any suggestions? what eyeliner do you love?

- and, speaking of makeup, do you use bronzer or highlighter? how do you make your skin glow even in the dead of winter?

- finally, thank you Jasmine for the tutorial on how to draw a running stick figure. you are THE BEST :)

- ps. i'm signing a contract for my brother tomorrow and i am beyond excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! eek.


  1. Sister! Welcome to the light! Physics is my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's gospel. (not THE Gospel, just gospel. ha.)

  2. I love mac eyeliner! It is so great...kinda pricey but it lasts forever and stays on all day. I think its like $16 if you get it from Macy's