17 January 2012

Healthy 365

As promised i am posting later (much later) today and i'm finally starting my Healthy 365 series! I was going to post once a day (so there would be three hundred and sixty-five posts about healthy living), but that is totally unrealistic. so i will be posting periodically. however all the posts for Healthy 365 can be found under the pages tab above.

A little background information. . .

after the Halloween Half Marathon 2010 

I am an Exercise Science major at Brigham Young University. I began college as a Nutritional Science major. I have been interested in health, nutrition and exercise since I was about 14. I have many books, magazines, flyers, handouts, and notes from classes about health. From my experience in this field and from the knowledge I have gained from these many fields, I feel like I know pretty well what there is to know, and I have also been able to form my own opinions on what a "healthy" lifestyle is. These posts will reflect on my personal opinions, but they will all be backed up with real science and facts, not just what I think.

I'm really excited for this and I hope you enjoy it! If there is a specific health-related topic you would like to hear about just comment below or on any of the following Healthy 365 posts.

Here's to a healthy 2012!

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  1. I love this idea!! So excited to read it!! I just graduated in Public Health from BYU and I absolutely loved everything we talked about in those classes. Can't wait to follow!