18 January 2012

afro hair

today is a much better hump than last's weeks hump day. 

last night, i showered and, while i watch devotional, i did this to my hair. my goal was to have sexy beach waves.

this morning i took it out and. . .  AFRO!
rewind to 3rd grade anyone?

secretly, i love it.
i've always [for the last year or so] wanted nice naturally curly hair, and i love the pow statement these curls are giving me! 
i do feel the need for colorful leggings, big sweaters, bright lipstick, and some MJ or Pat Benatar.

there seems to be a major misunderstanding about our "infinite solar powered flashlights." they do need light to run, but when placed in the light they charge (much like a battery or a cell phone charges when you plug it in), and hold that charge, so that they can be used, when it is dark. [i thought this was common knowledge. it's not.] if you don't believe me, learn more about them here

there was an internet blackout today? did you participate? i don't even really know what that means, but i know it's because of SOPA.

everytime i think i just ate such a huge breakfast that there is no way i will be hungry before 2 or 3 [when i get home from work] i find my stomach growling away while i desperately try to assuage the hunger with water or a piece of gum.

most exciting part of today will be buying Spencer's contract at the Elms for next fall. 
can we say YAY!!!!!?


  1. Yay!
    But guess what.
    You can have my wavy hair.
    I abuse it by putting it in a bun
    everyday [EVERY! DAY!] and not let it blow
    sexy-ily in the breeze [because it does that all zee time]. Was that awkward? Good.
    The End.

  2. HAHA! Things often turn out quite different than I expect them to...thanks for sharing your experience hehe