18 January 2012

words of wisdom wednesdays

today is my first words of wisdom wednesday! i love quotes. i grew up memorizing poems, scriptures and quotes and i believe that having a good thought in your mind is the best kind of thought to have, especially if it inspires you to be a better person.  so here is the first of (hopefully) weekly words of wisdom.

as i have discovered what i love the most, i have seen more clearly the direction my life is supposed to take. sometimes we think we love something, but then later we realize that we didn't really love it. or maybe we did love it, but it wasn't the right love.  if we really want to become who God envisions us being, we will choose wisely where we spend our time (because what we spend time doing is most often what we love the most) and where we give our love.

what do you love? who do you want to become?

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