10 February 2012


if you had told me a year ago that i would love this girl and consider her one of my best friends my reaction would have been "who is this girl?" i had met aubrey once, briefly, at a get together for the team that i would be travelling to africa with, but we hadn't really talked. and frankly, i thought she was way too pretty to be friends with someone as "plain-looking" as myself.
i was wrong. by the second week into my life in africa we were best friends.

maybe it was the cray cray dance parties.

or the time when i guarded the hut bathroom and found leaves for Aubs to use as toilet paper.

or the countless times we spoke without speaking at the nightly meetings that seemed like they lasted for hours.

or volunteering at Mbale Regional. laughing over our ridiculous outifts. holding her hand so she would be ok when we watched surgery. and crying together when we witnessed a dying baby struggle for life.

or maybe it was the "team crepes" from Chat n Chino.

or talking for hours in a crowded taxi. about everything. literally.

or the notes we wrote to each other. her encouragement and love kept me going even when i felt like i was all alone.

or  sharing boda bodas- going everywhere.

or maybe it was laughing together at the antics of the kids at Impact Primary School. and wondering together how we could ever leave this place.

or the crazy late night parties.

or the times when we were both so grumpy, but we pretended to be happy.

or the time we rafted down the nile as "team moses."

or maybe it's

     her optimistic attitude
     her love for everyone around her
     her ability to see people through Christ's eyes
     her desire to do good in the world
     her loyal friendship
     her enthusiasm for life
     her testimony of the Gospel
     her party loving personality
     her talent of making people laugh no matter the situation

i am so grateful aubrey and i are friends! there were times in africa when i had no idea why i was there, but i did know that i had been sent there to meet people- and one of them was aubrey. she has changed my life for the better. she is one of the few people who really knows me. she encourages me to follow my dreams. she i always there to listen to my sad/crazy/funny stories.

kids, this girl is amazing. (boys you would be lucky to date this girl because she is one of the best i know. did i mention she is gorgeous?)

well, today is her birthday and this is kind of a long birthday tribute i know (hopefully no one gets jealous). but aubs has been on my mind as of late and i am just thrilled to be called her friend!

Happy Birthday Cubs!!

*the nickname "cubs" originates from texting because when you text "Aubs" your phone will autocorrect it to "Cubs."

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  1. Sorry but HOW cute are you?!?! seriously!!! That was SO nice of you! But all i have to say, in every single one of those little stories, you were the one helping ME! handing me indian leaves when I was sick, writing me notes when I was sad, letting me sleep by you when I was heart broken, holding my hand in surgeries.. You are an angel in my life and i know that we were way close sisters in heaven! Your amazing Bex, in every single way. thanks again:)