12 February 2012

valentine's dance

this last friday my ward and two other ward's in my stake hosted a Tri-Ward Valentine's dance! it was fun (despite all my griping and complaining about it)! every girl loves getting dressed up. and it didn't hurt that i had a great date and an awesome group of friends to hang out with at the dance.
i was real excited to be there

Andrew, Erin, me and Kevin

the whole group at Pizza Factory
it was kind of funny because the waitress at Pizza Factory thought we were from a high school. uhhhhh no we aren't. she was kind of embarrassed. but we forgave her because she looked like jessica simpson.
i don't have any pictures from the dance because we were too busy krumping it up! haha as much as you can at a mormon dance. . . it was fun though! i'm so grateful for my good friends who made the night so fun!

on another note: this week is my birthday week. starting tomorrow, i vow to myself to only do the things i want to do. meaning, i am not going to hang out with people who i don't want to hang out with. i'm going to take time for myself. i don't have any expectations for my birthday, but i do want to be able to do my own thing. so, if you hang out with me this week, feel privileged. 


  1. The top-knot treats you well. It's darling on you.

  2. I agree with the above comment! You look fantastic with your hair that way! And you're just fantastic!