13 February 2012

i'd run a mile for ya

it's time i made a confession. i have a crush. it's major. and who is it on?

Miles Batty.

if you go to byu then i think it's a sin if you do not know who he is.
i cut his picture out of newspapers, get butterflies if i see him walk by me in the RB or SFH, follow all his races. and kids, this is a two fold crush. i have a crush on his athleticism. he is an amazing runner! in fact, this last weekend, he broke the NCAA mile record at the 105th Milrose games. you can watch him breaking the record and it's pretty fantastic.
that is some stellar running! he is running with some top professionals here and breaks the record, making the new record 3:54.56 (or something close to that). the second fold to this crush is that this boy is insanely cute.

i'm kind of a freaky stalker, i know, but hey he might be famous someday...

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