14 February 2012

birthday week: day 1

monday was the first official day of Birthday Week. (Birthday Week this year runs from monday, feb. 13 to monday feb. 20.) since i decided to do what i want to do and make the most of what might otherwise be a completely dismal week, i made special plans with myself last night.

monday afternoon i had an interview to be a BYU sports camp counselor this summer. i dressed up all nice and wore my first ever maxi skirt! (yes, i am infantile and always think of maxi pads when i think of maxi skirts. . .) i took my own "outfit" pictures, since i have no husband/ obliging roommates to help me out there. what do you think? can I pull off the maxi skirt look? i found it quite comfy and flowy.
anywhoooo back to the interview. i am excited for this job and really hope i get it! a combination of two great loves- teenagers (not in a creepy way of course) and sports= amazingly fun job!

after fhe i did some studying before my date-with-me! for my "me time" i made valentine's cookies, valentines and read Harry Potter 6 (i am still trying to finish the series since christmas break). the valentine cookies are so easy to make and they smelled delightful!
1 box cake mix (i chose strawberry so they could be pink)
1/2 c. vegetable oil
2 eggs
1 tsp. baking powder
(you can add chocolate chips too if you would like)
Mix together, shape into balls and bake for 10 minutes at 350! (I made chocolate chip cookies with a yellow cake mix + chocolate chips for a work meeting last week and my coworkers went crazy about them.)
i love any chance to make cookies, but even more so now that i have my lovely cookie scoop! i was always the girl that tried valiantly to make her cookies into perfect circles and i am bugged when cookies are not circle-ish. i got my cookie scoop from Santa and have used it at least once a week since Christmas! best. invention. (for the perfectionist.) ever. i watched Gilmore Girls while making the cookies. you probably should know it is one of my most favorite shows ever.
while the cookies baked i read a little HP. man that book sucks me in! there is so much left out of the movies. if i could have one wish for my birthday (ha well one of many) it would be to read Harry Potter all day long! i only got to read one chapter because the cookies were done and i needed to make valentines!

i am not really a glitter and sparkles girl, but i do love making valentines! my favorites were for my friends, Adam and Jake. Adam's had a little fish with a heart shaped hook dangling in front of it with the words "You're a Catch" written on the card. it's an inside joke. but girls he really is a catch! he is seriously one of the best people i know. i've posted about him here. i'll hook you up if you want! Jake's had a Harry Potter lightning bolt on it and said "Will you be my Horecrush?" Ha ha I love Harry Potter humor. and I know Jake will like it because we have a goal to watch all the movies before March 9 (we are on the 4th already).  i am excited to give my valentine's away to my friends and roommates! I hope they like them!
overall, this first day of my birthday week was a very busy (i was on campus from 9 until 7), productive, and good day! it is good to focus on others when you might start feeling bad about your life! it makes you happy! (also dr. pepper doesn't hurt either.)

happy monday (on tuesday)!

look forward to a couple epic valentine's day posts!!!!

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  1. I like the Harry Potter valentine's! I've seen so many on pinterest, but I haven't seen that one. I love that you and Jake are watching all the movies.