14 February 2012

14 February 2012

note: this was in fact written by me, Rebekah Arnesen. i thought long and hard about what i should post for Valentine's Day this year and came up with this idea (and well as another post- which i will do later today). i have had the great blessing to learn about love this year and to figure out more of what i desire in a future marriage. i hope you allow me to be deeply personal for a few minutes today. happy day of love!

Dear You,

i've always been a great letter writer, but i've never been one to write to some future being- someone who only exists in my mind and heart. but because this is important, and this is for eternity, i've decided to write to you. i'm not the most eloquent of writers, i tend to be more sarcastic and funny when i write. deep down though, i am a romantic and a lover. all these words come straight from my heart.

i don't know you, but i love you. i can love you already because i know that you will be the perfect one for me. just like i dream about the day i will wed you for time and all eternity, you dream about me and you hope for the day when you will meet me. i love you for being worthy. i know you are striving to stay worthy to enter the temple because i am doing the same. i know you value the Gospel because i value it above everything else. i love you for helping me stay worthy and for creating, with me, a beautiful courtship which we will tell, with out shame, to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

everything i have done and that i do in life prepares me for the time when i will meet you. i pray hard and try to stay close to the Spirit so that i recognize you as the man i will spend eternity with. i cannot imagine the joy i will feel as i kneel across the altar, knowing that we are both pure. knowing that i love you and you love me and we both love God. i know that there is no place you will take me except to the temple, because you have been preparing to meet me, and you know the importance of a temple marriage. and i love you for that.

i know that you will treat me like a Queen. because i want to treat you like a King. we will be eternal friends and lovers. when we finally meet we will both understand why heart ache and heart breaks had to happen. we will experience happiness beyond what we could ever imagine. we will have the "can't-eat, can't-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series" kind of love. you are the Ron to my Hermione, the Gilbert Blythe to my Anne, the Jacob to my Rachel. our love will be deep and everlasting. it will be quirky and fun. it will be uniquely ours- something that no one and nothing can dissolve.

our love will create little ones. children we will look for with great anticipation. i am scared for the responsibility of motherhood. perhaps you are frightened by the responsibility of fatherhood. but you will understand, like i do, that these are precious children of God and He will help us raise them in righteous paths. you will, in fact, be a wonderful father. you will be the King in our little Kingdom and you will be an example of a righteous priesthood holder to our sons and daughters. you will show our sons how to build a tree house, how to fix a flat tire, and how to treat young ladies. but most importantly you will help to raise them to be missionaries in Zion and worthy priesthood holders throughout their lives. to our daughters you will be the protector- the one who helped the ride their first two-wheeler bike, the one who took them on their first driving lesson, the first man they ever truly love and the one they look to as an example of what they want their future husband to be like. because we love each other, God and our children, our home will be a joyful place- much like the temple. our love will spill over the sides of our home, like a bubbling pot of hot chocolate.

i'm waiting for you. because i know it will be worth it. i know you will make me laugh. you will like that i watch disney movies and csi. you will encourage me to follow my dreams. i will encourage you to follow your dreams and do everything i can to make them a reality. i will watch football, basketball, soccer. . . you name it (except golf) with you. i will cheer you on- in sports, tests, life. i will make yummy dinners (but sometime's i might burn the chicken). you will open doors for me and rub my back when i am tired. i will let you use me as a pillow and i will write you love notes. our love with be perfect, despite the imperfections i know we both will have.

i know you are looking for me as i am looking for you. and so i will wait patiently for the February 14 when you are my forever Valentine. for the love and happiness that i cannot imagine to fill my heart and my life. i will wait for you- where ever and who ever you are.


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