15 February 2012

birthday week: day 2. (aka day of lurv)

tuesdays are always long. but this weeks was going to be even loooonger because [a] i had a nervous system test in functional anatomy lab at 5:30 and [b] it was Valentine's day. it was the first time in my entire life where i did not spend my Valentine's evening with my family! (we usually have a fondue party for dinner. so fun.) therefore it was kind of a weird day. but don't you fret because some celebrating did occur.
miss abby robertson and i went to j dawgs for lunch in an early celebration of my birthday. i refused to eat at j dawgs until last April when i was finally convinced to go. and i have to say that the second time around i was still equally impressed. i got a polish (with banana peppers, pickles and special sauce), with salt and vinegar chips and a dr. pepper! abby and i had a great time at lunch talking about life, africa, boys, etc. she is literally one of my best friends and i am SO grateful to have her in my life!
the rest of the afternoon was a blur. 12-3: working at the good ol' Bean (my boss gave us cute Valentine's cards). 3-4: spinning (we did a Tour de France movie and it was like riding a roller coaster while working out). 4-5:30: functional anatomy lecture. 5:30-7:30: functional anatomy lab test and learning lower extremity muscles (what a doozy).

pancakes filled with craisins and chocolate chips, topped
with cream cheese frosting
i got home from school and was absolutely pooped. let me tell ya, i had not felt the love all afternoon. i was tired and hangry. (hangry- a state of anger due to hunger.) so i made my self a romantic dinner of pancake (heart- shaped of course). then i went around and delivered my Valentine's and cookies. Adam made me a quesadilla (which was the best thing i'd eaten in days) and we ate together. my romantic Valentine's dinner date! ha ha ha. after hanging out at Adam's apartment for a small bit, i went home. i had a hot date with my Music 202 notes. that date lasted until midnight.

not the best Valentine's day ever? but it wasn't too shabby either. it's just funny how making a holiday like any other makes it so easy to forget to be festive. sad. :( i like being festive. next year i hope to be much more festive (maybe even in Russia)! eek!

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  1. In Russia? What?
    And I can't believe this is only your second time at j dawgs. I'm pretty sure I've eaten there 20+ times. I love j dawgs way too much.
    Someday valentine's day will be more romantic/love filled for us, right? :D